Work Smart. Not Hard.


Many inspiring entrepreneurs want to become their own boss but they don't know where to start. If this is you , don't worry you are not alone. A lot of people spend countless years and effort working for someone else . While you may be working for someone else and making them rich, now is a chance to put your hard work and dedication into something you can profit from. Today is a great day for a change. 


What We Do

Our team of business professionals are entrepreneurs who have generated over 15 million dollars in the maintenance , cleaning, and beauty industry . They will help you develop a business plan . From there they help you set up your business, potentially begin generating new clients immediately, and help you meet your business goals. 

How It Works

One of our business consultants will work closely with you to create a business . We save you time and money by:  setting up your website, providing you with customizable employee handbooks and documents , walking you through the ends and out of accounting and finance, sales and marketing and more. Most of our clients see a immediate return on investment when they follow our 90 day Plan & Prosper Business Plan. Getting started can sometimes be one of the hardest hurdles of owning your own business. With our 90 days business plan we do most of the hard work for you and we teach you what you need to know to prosper. 

What's Included?

  • Executive Web Site Design Plan . This plan includes a customized website , custom web, free domain, business email set up, and more. ( $1,135 value) 
  • A step by step business set up with one of our experienced consultants that have owned and operated successful businesses in your industry . They will walk you through all of the in's and out's to ensure that your business can become as successful as possible. 
  • Ask your business consultant anything . 30 Business consultant hours. ( Over a $4,000 value)
  • 60 Second Commercial or Video Explainer for your business. Click here to view requirements
  • A step by step guide on how to hire new employees for your business.
  • Receive 6 hours of job screening services . Our consultants will teach you how to hire new employees .Our professional virtual assistants will assist you with hiring by providing you with 6 hours of job screening services.
  • Customized new hire employee handbooks, application templates, and company policy templates .
  • Social media setup on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Yelp set up.
  • SEO For your website.
  • Custom Logo For Your Business 

Recent Clients


                                                                                  Recent Reviews 

Could I done this without P&P ? Sure, but I know for sure that I wouldn’t of been this successful in a matter of 60 days. I received my return on this investment in the first 30 days. We had over 40 clients our first 6 weeks + we landed 4 commercial cleaning gigs. Getting set up was easy . My website was completed in a week. My mentor from Plan and Prosper reached out to me 24 hours after they received my request and they have guided me every step of the way. They showed me how to hire, how to complete background checks, what type of business license to get, etc. I wouldn’t of had a clue of how or where to get my first cleaning client. This business has changed my life for the best. P&P is the best. Thanks Katie for helping me.
— chatara New York ,ny
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Nikki helped me start my cleaning business and I’m so thankful for her helping me every step of the way. She took the time out to explain every aspect of starting my business. Couldn’t have done it without all of her knowledge and eagerness. Thanks again Nikki for your time and patience with me! ”