Plan & Prosper Video 



Have you ever found yourself paying more attention to a video than a long written out description?  Well, of course you have. In the tech. savvy world that we live in sometimes our attention span is pretty short unless we're being entertained. This is why explainer videos and short animated films can be the solution to your growing brands. Engaged customers are paying customers. Our graphic design and animation team are one of the best in the world. They will work with you to create the perfect animation video for your business.  We offer 10 options. Please note that there is an uncharge for 3D ,2.5 D animation , and Live Action With Track Elements  videos. Our videos start at only $399. Click below for pricing and more information. 



Plan & Prosper Animation 

Explainer VIDEOS


What Are The Different Video Types? 

  • 2.5D ANIMATION Additional $250
  • 3D ANIMATION Additional $250

What's Included With Your Video purchase 

  • Video editing or animation for the amount of time you purchased. 
  • Voice over for your video. You may provide the voice narration for your video or we can provide a male or female voice for no additional charge. 
  • Free animation characters for explainer videos. 

What's needed from you to complete the project

  • If you are interested in a live action video you must provide photos and live videos . Please upload them below after you have payed for our video services in our checkout cart below. 
  • Unless you are interested in our editing services for your live video you must provide us with a script. All animated explainer videos require a script. If you need assistance with writing one our professional team can write your script and assist you with the theme and storyboard for a small additional charge. 

Video Editing & Animation Services FAQ'S 

1. How long does it take to create or edit a video? Each project is different . The time that it takes to complete each project varies depending on what kind of video it is and the length of the video. After your order is requested and your payment is completed our creative development team will begin working on your project within 24 hours if we have all of the requested information from you. If any additional details must be discussed we will reach out to you via email or phone. You can expect your project to be completed within an estimated time frame of 6-9 business days . This process can be delayed if we do not have all of the requested information from you. We will work closely to ensure that you are satisfied with your new video. We want to see you shine . Your happiness is our happiness. 


2. I own a cleaning business. I don't want animated characters in my video. Can you use our clips to create a commercial ? Yes, absolutely. We will work with you to ensure that our editing fits your visual preference so we can provide you with a successful finished product.