Subscribe . Relax. Plan. Prosper. 

Every month you will have tasks to complete and marketing to stay on top of. That's the reason why we created an affordable and reliable way to manage your business. Our subscription plans range from as low as $99 and we provide 24/7 support. This month only enjoy a free hour of services every month when you subscribe before October 31st 2017.  

You can be on your way to a hassle and stress free days for less than the price of two movie tickets , popcorn, and dinner for two. Not only do we offer affordable and reliable services, you'll also have more free time . Are you ready? Let's start. 


  • Receive a return on your investment. Virtual Assistant services helps you generate move revenue for your business by reaching more clients.
  • Save big ! Unlike hiring employees , with our services you don't have to worry about paying employee benefits, salary, or hiring and firing. Our system is simple , efficient , and beneficial to your business. 
  • Get organized and save time. We are here to ease the burden of your day to day tasks. With our professional virtual assistants minimizing your work load your life will be less stressful and you'l have more time to enjoy your personal life.

What Can We Do For Your Business?

Plan & Prosper also provides full business management services. Customer service and marketing makes up of at least 50% of most businesses. We can do both for you. We can fully operate your customer service department and marketing department for a flat rate. Try us out and if you don't love our services than you're free to cancel your subscription with no penalties before your next billing cycle. 

                                                  Choose Your Service

                                       It's your business so you can mix and match the tasks that you need. View our virtual service tasks below : 


                                 Social Media Posting 

  • Our prosperity assistants can promote your brand , create online promotional campaigns, and engage with existing and potential customers on your social media sites. 



                Live Support (Chat/EMAIL/MESSAGE     BOARD/PHONE SUPPORT) 

  • Support is one of the most popular tasks in which virtual assistants are hired for. Missing a client's call or email can mean that you've missed cash or a long term client. Client's prefer to be tended to right away. You won't get a second chance to make a great first impression. This service can  entail answering customer service questions by phone , or an email explaining to some concerns of a customer. Our friendly and  experienced virtual assistants provide excellent customer service experiences that will keep your clients coming back to you repeatedly.  Bi lingual Spanish speaking assistants are available   for no additional charge. Our assistants are perfect for small or long term  projects.  

                                 Email Marketing

  • Our creative design and virtual assistants team up to make the best email marketing campaigns for your business. This virtual assistant service helps you target your desired audience by sending custom campaigns that are sent to specific demographics and locations. Email marketing is a efficient and cost effective way for your business to generate more revenue and reach new clients.  Click here to learn more about email marketing. 



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  • Our Sales team focuses on helping you prosper. They can potentially help generate more revenue and reach more clients by creating sales strategies that will benefit your business. After receiving an overview of your business and it's products or services we come up with new ways to attract new clients. 


                            Data entry services 

  • Word processing can be simply explained as a function that one can perform with a computer. It is the process of creating a document as per the instructions and likes of the client. Our virtual assistants can copt, paste, or input any data necessary on programs such as Microsoft excel . 
    Data Entry is a slightly different task. It is the process of typing a data into any database. Typing speed and accuracy is what contributes to an effective data entry task.

            Personal and office management 

Office management services is a critical part of small and large businesses . We help eliminate the hassle of managing your office so that you more free time to do the things you enjoy. From scheduling meetings and sending clients invoices to finding the cheapest flight for your next travel destination, we're here to help. Our virtual assistants can shop and compare the most inexpensive office furniture for you or order monthly supplies for your office.The convenience is endless.  This option is a great step towards shorter work days. 



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