What makes me a little different than other instructors is that … I didn't just wake up one day and say HEY I'M GOING TO BE AN INSTRUCTOR because it's the “it" thing to do. NO. Teaching others was my destiny way before online courses became a thing . Unlike other course instructors I’ve always focused on all aspects of my student’s businesses. My business even offers additional services outside of the course such as logo creation , website design, and more. I give my students all of the tools that they need to succeed. Teaching others how to grow their businesses is something that has always came naturally to me.

Before I decided to become a mentor I helped others open a wide variety of businesses including personal training , cleaning & handyman , health and wellness , viritual assistant ,& businesses in the beauty industry . I helped people everywhere I went . When I would take my puppy to PetCo for her monthly grooming session she would only let our favorite pet groomer Amber groom her. Doggie tantrums, growling, and dramatic cries would be the result if anyone else except Amber tried to groom her. We liked Amber but she was on the verge of quitting. She loved her job but she expressed to me that they didn't pay her much. The job wasn't flexible with her school schedule and her manager wasn't nice to her. I loved the way Amber groomed my yorkie and I didn't mind traveling to her, but I imagined how convenient it would be if there was a service that came to my home to groom my pup. I suggested that she start her own mobile pet grooming businesses. She did. With her new business she made more money in two days then she made working at Petco in a month. She was able to create her own schedule , travel when she wanted to , and spend more time with her children.

From Uber To Transportation King Of Capetown


While vacationing in South Africa my mother and I met this beautiful spirit .He was our Uber driver . On the way to the mall we asked him where could we go to see tourist stuff? He told us and he offered to take us there. He was very knowledgeable about Capetown so I hired him to take us to all of our destinations. He drove us around and gave us information about each place we toured. He was offering us two services, one of which he never thought about getting paid for. After two days of being our driver it was time to leave . He drove us to the airport .The entrepreneur in me couldn’t leave without offering him a few tips on how he could start his OWN transportation business and generate more income.  Just like many entrepreneurs … he offered great services , but he didn’t know how to put a business plan together . I helped him start his own transportation business in Cape Town . He now serves as a paid tour guide in addition to owning his own transportation business outside of Uber.

Photo Of My mother enjoying the capetown trip that I took her on for her birthday.


Find your niche and turn your passion into a paycheck

Would you believe me if I told you that I initially denied my calling as a mentor ? I made excuses that were preventing me from actually getting started. I tried to but I couldn't run from it. One day someone asked me a simple question…

How Much Would You Charge Me To Help Me Start My Own Business?

The rest was history. My goal is to be more than a mentor to you. My goal is to help you fulfill your purpose and dreams . I'm passionate and dedicated to helping you grow your business and increasing your revenue. Imagine how many people you could be helping right now through your business. How many people do you think need your products or services right now ? Don’t just think local THINK WORLDWIDE . There’s so many people that you could reach. Don't wait another day. Don't try to run away from your destiny. Let's do this thing together.


  • Have a pen & paper handy so you can take notes. This exclusive free training will be full of tips and GEMS. Before the webinar ends you should be have enough information to create a plan of action and get started .

  • Enter the webinar with an open mind and a winner's attitude. I can't wait to speak with you in my WEBINAR.

  • Make sure you're in an isolated area where there's no noise or distractions . You'll get the most out of the class if you're focused without any distractions.