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Plan & Prosper works with some of the world's biggest and smallest businesses. We work with you to provide collaborative solutions and innovative business ideas that your clients will love. Whether you're looking to start your own business or manage your existing business , we will analyze your business plan and help you achieve your business goals. Speak now with one of our business consultants .  Use the booking form below to schedule your first appointment with a professional consultant . 

What Can We Do?

  • Help you identify problems

  • Offer office management solutions

  • Offer assistance on how to deal with client issues

  • Help you create a new business

  • Develop a new business plan

  • Help you eliminate staff members that are causing your business to lose money or value

  • Offer marketing solutions

  • Offer strategies that could potentially help you generate more revenue

  • Offer strategies that could potentially help you generate more clients & more

What’s Included?

  • A 45 minute phone consultation with a business mentor.

  • A follow up email containing a plan of action. During the call you won’t have to take notes. Everything that was discussed will be sent to you via email. In the email you will also receive a plan of action. This plan of action will include the steps that you should take to either grow or start your business.

Terms & Conditions

  • 2 Callers per consultation may participate in the conversation via phone. There is a $50 fee for each added participant. Up to 4 people may participate in the call.

  • Please be available at the time of your appointment. Your mentor will contact the telephone number that you put on your form. Please pick up. Refunds won’t be given if you don’t pick up your line for the call. If you are late, the time that you missed cannot be made up and we are unable to reimburse you .

  • Once the appointment is booked it’s non refundable. Please choose a date/ time that will work for you. We are not available to reschedule.

  • Please remember that our booking time is based on Eastern Time.