Nikki helped me start my cleaning business and I’m so thankful for her helping me every step of the way. She took the time out to explain every aspect of starting my business. Couldn’t have done it without all of her knowledge and eagerness. Thanks again Nikki for your time and patience with me!

I was losing money because I had so many tasks to complete.More clients meant more tasks. I never had time for myself or my family. Using this service has changed my life. Any task that I request is always completed on time which saves me a lot of time. The freedom of having more free time to yourself when someone else is managing your business is priceless.
— Courtney Baltimore , MD

I don’t know what I would do without Plan & Prosper. I wish I would of known about them years ago. For a small price they practically manage half of my business. Claudia manages my customer support online and over the phone. Kyle and Naomi hire and train my techs online. I use to work 12 hours a day before I used their services. I was exhausted, overworked, and stressed out. I only work 5 hours a day now . It’s a great feeling knowing that I’m stepping away from my office everyday and that all of my requests are being handled with professionalism and excellence .

Could I done this without P&P ? Sure, but I know for sure that I wouldn’t of been this successful in a matter of 60 days. I received my return on this investment in the first 30 days. We had over 40 clients our first 6 weeks + we landed 4 commercial cleaning gigs. Getting set up was easy . My website was completed in a week. My mentor from Plan and Prosper reached out to me 24 hours after they received my request and they have guided me every step of the way. They showed me how to hire, how to complete background checks, what type of business license to get, etc. I wouldn’t of had a clue of how or where to get my first cleaning client. This business has changed my life for the best. P&P is the best. Thanks Katie for helping me.
— — CHATARA New York, ny

My virtual assistant Jackie was extremely diligent and has good intuition. She started on my project in the morning and she completed before the end of the business day .She understood what was required and she communicated well and met my deadline. Great work. Will use her again this week !
— Komara New York ,ny

The Plan & Prosper team was awesome. They created a logo for my cafe. I needed it quickly and they got in done in 24 hours. Very impressed by the quality and quick turnaround time.
— Frank Chicago , IL

I went through Plan & Prosper to set up my cleaning business. There was so much to learn but I was able to easily learn the business . My business mentor walked me through each step and explained the business to me. She was very patient and she helped me with everything from managing my employees to getting contracts. My cleaning company made a little over $7,000 our first month. I couldn’t of done it without proper guidance. If you were like me and you want to start a business but you’re scared or don’t know where to start I would highly suggest Plan and Prosper. You will not regret it. Good luck to you guys .Thank you for all that you have done .

Awesome company. They always meet my deadlines and they’ve helped me make more money and reach new clients.
— Luis Toronto , ON